Tyrell Bikes Germany

Overview for all Tyrell models

Now you can see the foldable and non-foldable Bikes.

Kopie von Tyrell Modelle

Folding BikesMinivelo
(EU Version)
frame materialTitanAluAluCromolyTitanTitanAluCromolyAlu
stiffnesshalf-flexstrong/stiffstrong/stiffflexhalf-flexcomfort half-flexstrong/stiffflexstrong/stiff
foldable ?YYYYNNNNN
Usesport / racesport / racesport / citycommutersport / racesport / racesport / citysport / citysport / city
Weight Full Bike-8.5 Kg9 Kg11Kg7,5 Kg9,0 Kg8,3 Kg
Famekit3,4 Kg3,7 Kg3,8 Kg5,3 Kg2,6 Kg2,6 Kg2,3 Kg3,2 Kg
(Frame Fork Small Parts)
max Weight80 Kg80 Kg80 Kg120 Kg80 Kg80 Kg80 Kg80 Kg80 Kg
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