Tyrell Bike auf der Fahrradschau Berlin

Tyrell Bike at the Fahrradschau fair in Berlin

We gave the bicycle fans of Berlin a first glance of our beautiful Tyrell Bikes at the Fahrradschau Berlin. Three days of amazing shows, nice people and amazing bikes are now behind us, but it is safe to say we made a great impressions. After a demonstration of the folding mechanism and some explanations the bikes went out on the test tracks and were given back with a big smile. The people liked the compact IVE, the fast FX and the sporty FSX equally – and who would blame them?!

The IVE had a great performance at the after show party: Ian from hexlox took the IVE for the qualifiers at the Altbaukriterium, a fun indoor bike race in a cozy Berlin flat. Needless to say that he made the required time for the qualification with ease.

Thanks to everyone, who visited us at the fair. If you missed us, contact us via mail or visit us in our BOXBIKE folding bike shop in Berlin!